We look at how you can take your small business online.

Learn digital marketing skills for free with Google Digital Garage

Reaching your customers online has never been more important. In this post, we look at the Google Digital Garage and how you can earn a free certification.

When it comes to reaching your customers online, having a fundamental understanding of Digital Marketing is key to your success.

But where to learn these skills, I hear you ask? The Digital Garage by Google is a great place to start. While the internet is full of learning opportunities, the Digital Garage offers a well-crafted learning experience and what’s more, you get a free certification at the end of it.

What is the digital garage?

The digital garage is an online learning platform operated by Google. It offers over 150 courses on various subjects, although it predominately focuses on digital marketing skills.

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Beyond digital marketing, there are courses on Career Development, Data and Technology. These courses are offered freely and are a great place to start when it comes to promoting your business online.

The courses on offer consist of a combination of video and text content, with questions included throughout to test your knowledge.

The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification.

I mentioned earlier that you could get a free certification in digital marketing—something fancy to brag about on your LinkedIn profile and add to your CV.

The digital garage offers a free course called the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, including the aforementioned free certification.

It’s a comprehensive course covering the basics of getting your business online and then goes into greater detail on the market of your niche online.

The course consists of 26 Modules which will take about 40 hours to complete. Less if you’ve already got a grasp on the basics.

Most uses will only join the Digital Garage for this certification but don’t pay off the other offered training. Any opportunity to learn, especially a free one, is an excellent opportunity.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate - James Jenkins

Why do the course?

Besides that sweet free certificate? In this day and age, businesses need to engage their customers online because their customers are.

While having a website is an excellent start for building your brand and business credibility, your marketing efforts won’t stop there.

Establishing your business presence on social media, local directories and even writing blog posts like this are all ways to improve online business presence.

How do I get started?

Just head to the Google Digital Garage (AU) website by clicking this link: https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage-au/.

From there, sign up for the platform using either a Google account or your own email address.

Select the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course and start learning!

You’re now on your way to understanding digital marketing and how to reach your customers online!

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